A Thirst for God

A Thirst for God

9am 20 March 2022

Rev Marcell Mey 

“The soul’s deepest thirst is for God Himself, who has made us so that we can never be satisfied without Him.”
~ F F Bruce 

  • Introit: Sing out a Joyful Song
  • Call to worship and welcome
  • Hymn: O for a heart to praise my God
  • Prayers of adoration, confession and assurance and Lord’s Prayer
  • Community
  • Anthem: Only by Grace
  • Prayers for others
  • Scripture: Psalm 63: 1-8 (start 19.24 )
  • Hymn: Lord, thee my God, I’ll early seek
  • Sermon: A Thirst for God
  • Hymn: As the deer pants for the water
  • Benediction: May the Lord