Unwarranted Grace

9am 22 May 2022

Rev Marcell Mey 

“Let us then ascribe the whole work of grace to the pleasure of God’s Will. God did not choose us because we were worthy, but by choosing us He makes us worthy.”~ Thomas Watson 

  • Call to worship and greeting
  • Hymn: O for a thousand tongues to sing
  • Prayers of Adoration, Confession and Assurance of Pardon and Lord’s prayer
  • Hymn: King of Glory, King of Peace
  • Community
  • Prayers for others
  • Hymn: Father, whose everlasting love
  • Scripture: John 5: 1-18 (start 26.14 )
  • Sermon: Unwarranted Grace
  • Dedication of offering
  • Hymn: Amazing Grace
  • Benediction
  • Postlude: Jupiter from the Planets Suite (Gustav Holst)