mainly music

mainly music is an interactive music session with morning tea and a play component. The goal behind mainly music is that it is a place where connections can be made.

There are four main connections that mainly music emphasizes, we affirm here at Knox Church:

mainly music should be a time of connection between you and your child. The sessions are interactive and designed to help foster a connection between parent and child.

mainly music should be a place where a connection with others at the same life stage can be established. Interaction between parents is a crucial component of mainly music and provides a valuable outlet for parents who are at home with children all day.

mainly music should be a place where a child has a connection with the music. Gross motor skills, literary skills, following directions, and even expressing their imagination are all things mainly music can help get a jump start on.

Finally, there should be a connection with the local church. We hope that here at Knox, you find community, friendship, and encouragement. We also want to be a place of spiritual journeys and, should you find yourself on that journey, we would love to walk with you on that path.

When does mainly music meet?

mainly music has two sessions currently meeting on Thursday mornings. The first session begins at 9am followed by a second session at 10am. Morning tea follows each session. Refer to the brochure for more information.

Is there a waiting list?

Sometimes there is. The best way to find out is to use the contact details in the brochure below.

Where can I find more information?

The mainly music brochure has more information, including the cost and registration form.