Core Values

Our Core Values are:



We believe that Mission is the supreme calling of the church, and is central to the growth of God’s kingdom here on earth. Mission is our response, both as a church and as individuals, to knowing God’s love. In mission we seek opportunities, both near and far to proclaim the hope we have in Christ. We will be intentional and passionate in making connections with people who do not know Jesus. Through prayer, encouragement and financial assistance we will support those who have made mission outreach their life. Mission must be real.
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God desires that His love for us is reflected in our love for one another. In fellowship we share with others the love that Jesus shows us. Our fellowship grows as the Holy Spirit transforms us. In real fellowship we aim to live life the way God intends.
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Worship is our response to a God who loves us unconditionally. In worship we seek to express our love for God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. We do this in adoration and thankfulness. We will express ourselves in worship through prayer, reflection on the Word, testimony, the exercising of spiritual gifts, through music, and other creative gifts. In all of these things we seek to glorify God. Worship must be real.
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God’s desire for those who have put their faith in Him is a lifelong journey to become more Christ like. Through discipleship God’s people are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. In discipling we will provide followers of Jesus a safe place to develop a deeper relationship with Him.
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Through Ministry God gives us the opportunity to join Him in His work. In Ministry we serve God by serving others in many different ways. God has made us unique in character and has given us all spiritual gifts and abilities so that we can serve with Him in Ministry. We will train, equip and encourage one another for Ministry.
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