Session’s vision as shared at the AGM September 2012.

Over the last two years Session has talked about the five purposes of Fellowship, Discipleship, Worship, Mission and Ministry. We continue to believe these five purposes are the essential elements of a healthy church. Each purpose is like a single strand of thread, which is useful on its own, yet when woven with the other four strands it is strengthened as it becomes the fabric that encompasses our life at Knox. If one of the threads breaks, a hole forms in the fabric, weakening it and reducing its effectiveness. Our goal is to encourage all five purposes to be evident in all areas of ministry.

Following on from identifying the five elements to a healthy church (the purposes), Session came up with the Lens statement as a way of evaluating all that we do at Knox and all we would like to do- a benchmark if you like. It’s one way we can look at all our activity and ask the question “Is this helping us to Love God, is this helping us to love our neighbour?” The statement is in the annual report, but let me share it with you again.

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