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Alexander Pringle was recruited on 17 July 1840 by McEwen and Miller. He is described as “Alex. Pringle Dyer and Scourer High Street, Perth single 17” Also recruited on the same day was John Birrell, also a Dyer and Scourer, who gave the same address. He was single and aged 18.

In less than a month they had left for New Zealand on the London, which left London on 13 August 1840. Other passengers included Alfred de Bathe Brandon, John Tylton Wicksteed and Frederick Alonzo Carrington, with his wife and three children (unnamed). The ship arrived in Wellington on 23 December 1840.

He is said to have been born in Glasgow, but he may be the Alexander Pringle who was born on 19 July 1824, Stow, Midlothian, son of David Pringle and Margaret Murray. Stow is a rural parish in the south of the county, and also where the name “Pringle” originated. It was formerly Hopringle, which is derived from a village in the parish of Stow.  Although not recorded by name in BDM records, there was a son of Alexander Pringle born in 1869, and when Alexander, daughter Ellen Allen died in 1933, her brother David is mentioned.

The first mention I can find after his arrival in New Zealand is ‘New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian, Volume III, Issue 160, 10 February 1847, Page 1. List of all persons qualified to serve as Jurors for the District of Port Nicholson, for the year, 1847. Pringle, Alexander, Webb Street, carpenter.”

New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian, Volume IV, Issue 310, 19 July 1848, Page 2.   Subscriptions in aid of repairing the public thoroughfare along Lambton Quay, Wellington.

Amount already Advertised                                                    £52 9 0                                                               

His Excellency the Lieut-Governor                                          £2  0 0                                                                   

J. Fitzgerald, M.D                                                                            10 0s                                                                  

T. Fitzgerald                                                                                     10 0s                                                 

S.Robinson                                                                                         £1  0  0                                                              

Lt.-Col. M'Cleverty                                                                           0 10 0                                                        

F.Brady                                                                                         £2  0  0                                                        

J.Harding                                                                                10 0                                                      

D.Lewis                                                                                         0 5 0                                                               

T. W. Tankersley                                                                        £1 0 0                                               

J.Hammond                                                                                              10 0                                                                

C. Suisted                                                                    — additional    10 0                                                               

R. Davis                                                                  do              10 0                                                               

H. Hughlings in respect of acre No. 491 by his agent                                                                                

C.E.von Alzdorf                                                                          £1  15  0                                                         

H. Hughlings by his agent C.E.von Alzdorf in respect of acre No 485                                                                               £2  5  0                                                             

J R. Buckridge, carter                                                                              10 0                                                            

W. F. Mason       do                                                                              10 0                                                               

J. Martin          )                                                                    )                                                                               

S. Mason        )                               carters, 1 week's work  )         £15 -0 0                                                         

T. Ray                   )                                                                    )                                                                                

A. Pringle             )                                   each, equal to          )                                                                                

J. Bannister          )                                                                    )                                                                              

W. Fitzherbert & J. Plimmer brick drains across the road from their property, equal in value to                                              

£ 25  0  0                                                                                                                                                                         

 £108  0  0                                                

Erratum. In previous list, for Geo. Wallace read Geo. Mace 0 10 0

Three years later he appears in a cricket between Wellington Club and the Military. He took part in a number of matches about this time.  

Wellington Independent, Volume V, Issue 446, 19 January 1850, Page 2. CRICKET.

On Wednesday last a match was played between the Wellington Club, and the Military. The playing was excellent on the part of the Wellington, especially that of Messrs. Wood, Herbert, Clout, Raymond, and Pringle. The return match will come oft' on when a keen contest may be anticipated.


Alexander Pringle married Mary Speedy 13 May 1851. Mary was the daughter of David and Helen Speedy, who had arrived on the Lord William Bentinck from Perthshire in 1841.Their family was:

Helen 1852, N R 1855, N R 1857, James Baird 1859, John 1862, William Birrell, 1864, (died 1866) Graham Speedy 1867, N R 1869, Arthur Henry 1871.

Alexander appears to be another of the early settlers to try his luck on the Victorian Goldfields, as these shipping reports indicate: (extracts only)

New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian, Volume VIII, Issue 742, 11 September 1852, Page 2. Departures. September 8 - Barque Tory, 484 tons, Row, for Port Phillip. Passengers A. Pringle,

New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian, Volume IX, Issue 793, 9 March 1853, Page 2. ARRIVALS. March 6 Cutter Resolution, 32 tons, Hylton, from Port Phillip. Passengers - A. Pringle.

In the 1853 electoral roll Alexander is shown as living at the Camp Ground on lease-hold land

Deed Volume 3 folio 650 No 1655 date 23 June 1859 Conveyance between Edward Gibbon WAKEFIELD Esquire of Wellington and Alexander PRINGLE farmer of the Hutt. Section 38 in valley of the Hutt (north part section 38 by river Hutt Stephen Fagan, west part section 38 Joseph Fry, south part section 38 Nathaniel Poole and public road, east part section 38 Stephen Fagan.)

And Deed Volume 3 folio 651 to 653 No 1656 date 24 June 1859 Mortgage between Alexander PRINGLE farmer of the Hutt and Edward Gibbon Wakefield esquire of Wellington. Section 38 in valley of the Hutt (north part section 38 by river Hutt Stephen Fagan, west part section 38 Joseph Fry, south part section 38 Nathaniel Poole and public road, east part section 38 Stephen Fagan.)

In the Sheep Inspector's Report for the Wellington District. Return of Sheep for the Year ending 31st May, 1870, all over six months old, with amount of assessment, at the rate of one half-penny per head per Sheep, Alexander Pringle is listed as having 100 sheep, valued at 4s and 2d.

Wellington Independent, Volume XXVII, Issue 3674, 7 December 1872, Page 3. District Land Registrar. Land Transfer Act Notice. Notice is hereby given, that the several parcels of land hereinafter described will be brought under the provisions of the Land Transfer Act, 1870, unless caveat be lodged forbidding the same on or before the 28th day of December next. Hutt District. Part of section 38, 14 acres 1 rood 17 perches. Bounded as follows Commencing at a point on the north-west side of the Hutt road, bearing 292° 17', and distant 1025 links from the south-east corner of section 38 thence along the Hutt road, south-westerly, 839 1/2 links thence by lines bearing 276° 25' 500 links 2° 11' 435 links, 285° 14' 737 links, 23° 30' 760 links, to the Hutt river; again from the commencing point, 315° 45', 1748 links to the Hutt River and on the north by the Hutt River. Also, part section 37, 24 acres 3 roods. Bounded North, 3400 links, by other part of 37 south, 3380 links, also by other part of 37 west, 900 links, by 185 and east, 900 links, partly by a public road, and partly by section 275, the northern boundary whereof runs parallel with and distant 300 links from section 48. Also, Section 185, 100 acres. In occupation of ALEXANDER PRINGLE, the Applicant (J. H. Wallace, Broker.) Wellington.

Evening Post, Volume XIV, Issue 120, 18 November 1876, Page 2. The Hutt Agricultural Society. A public meeting was held of this society on last Thursday evening, when the rules as read were adopted. The following resolutions were carried "That the Governor be respectfully requested to become the patron of the society," and "That the Hon. W. Fitzherbert be elected President of the society." The following office-bearers were elected, viz. Vice Presidents Messrs. Cruickshank, Upper Hutt; P. A. Buckley, Lower Hutt; Jas. Knight, Lower Hutt; Wm. Beetham, Taita; D. Sinclair, Wainuiomata; N. Valentine, Lower Hutt; A. Braithwaite, Lower Hutt; Wm. Buick, Petoni; C. F. Worth, Taita; J. H. Corbett, Taita; J. Grace, sen., Wainuiomata; G. Buck, sen., Taita: J. G. F. Wilford, Hutt; W. A. Fitzherbert, Hutt; and J. Walker, Stokes Valley. Committee Messrs. John White, D. Buick, Job Mabey, G. Hill, P. Bruce, R. T. Mellow, W. Russell, H. Russell, D. Knight, T. Caverhill, A. Pringle, D. Speedy, W. Browne, E. Hollard, and S. Mason. Treasurer P. A. Buckley, Esq.; secretary, J. H. Corbett, Esq.; auditor  W. S. Milne, Esq. The meeting closed with a vote of thanks to the chairman.

Although not directly involved in local politics, Alexander obviously took some interest in these matters.

JOHN ROBERT RANSOM. Sir. We, the undersigned ratepayers, respectfully request you to allow yourself to be nominated as a Councillor of the Borough of the Hutt. Samuel Smith, John A. Mason, William Kirk, Wm. Copeland, C A. Humfry, A. Pringle, John Blatchford, William Strand, Robert Orr W. Mowbray, Jno. Madders, Geo M'Ilvride, John Pringle, Charles Polo.   I hereby consent to the above request. J. B. RANSOM. Black Bridge, Lower Hutt, 10th February, 1891.          (11 February 1891, Evening Post)

FUNERAL NOTICE. The Friends of the late Alexander Pringle are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave his late residence for the Presbyterian Cemetery, Black Bridge, on Friday, 17th August, at 2 p.m. G. A. M'ILVRIDE, Undertaker, Lower Hutt.  (16 August 1900)

FUNERAL NOTICE. The Friends of the late Mary Pringle, relict of the late Alexander Pringle. are respectfully invited to attend her Funeral, which will leave her late residence, Lower Hutt, for the Presbyterian Cemetery, Blackbridge, on Sunday, 17th November, 1912, at 3 p.m. Strand Bros. Undertakers, Lower Hutt.


Evening Post, Volume LXXIV, Issue 130, 28 November 1907, Page 7. At St. David's Church, Petone, the marriage was celebrated yesterday of Mr. Walter Pringle, of the Lower Hutt, to Miss Thirza Mildred Caverhill, daughter of Mr. T. H. Caverhill, Government District Valuer. The Rev. A. Thomson officiated, and the bridesmaids were Misses Jean, Maggie, Olive, and Elsie Caverhill. Messrs. R. and A. Pringle, brothers of the bridegroom, acted as best man and groomsman respectively.

Walter was a life member of the Petone Rugby Club and represented NZ in the 1893 Australian Tour. There is a plaque honouring his sporting achievements in the Petone footpath. Walter was a farmer and he played rugby for the Epuni Club which merged with the Petone Club in 1891. He represented New Zealand in the 1893 Tour to Australia.

Evening Post, Issue 86, 11 April 1936, Page 14. Rugby Jubilee The Petone Club. Visitors Welcomed. Great interest is being taken in Petone in the fiftieth year celebrations of the Petone Rugby Football Club. Also present was Mr. Walter Pringle, the first Wellington, North Island, and New Zealand representative from the club.

Obituary. Mrs. Thomas P. Allen, who died at her residence, 43 Laing's Road, Lower Hutt, recently, was born at Lower Hutt on Christmas Day, 1852, and shared with her parents many of the hardships of the early days., Her parents were the late Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Pringle, very early settlers of the Hutt, Mr. Pringle arriving in 1840 by the ship London. She was married in 1879 to Mr. T. C. Allen, of Walmer Farm, Waiwhetu, where the greater part of her life was spent. During the last twenty-four years Mr. and Mrs. Allen lived at Bloomfield Crescent; now 43 Laing's Road. Mr. Allen is 88 years old. A family of two sons and four daughters survive their mother. They are Mr. H. B. Allen (Hurleyville), Mr. L. G. Allen (Waitotara), Mrs. M. Barr (Takapau), Mrs. Arthur Marshall, and Mrs. Fred. Rogers, and Miss Bertha Allen (all of Lower Hutt). There are also ten grandchildren and three. brothers—Mr. David Pringle (Palmerston North), Mr. Graham Pringle (Wellington), and Mr.Walter Pringle (Levin). The funeral took place at Taita Cemetery, a service being held at St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church.          (Evening Post 5 July 1933)

Ellen Pringle married Thomas Paul Allen in 1874

Hutt News, Volume 12, Issue 25, 30 November 1938, Page 3. MR. G. S. PRINGLE Mr Graham Speedy Pringle, who died in Wellington recently, was born in Lower Hutt 71 years ago, being a son of the late Mr and Mrs Alexander Pringle who resided many years at Blackbridge, Lower Hutt, they being very early settlers of the Valley. His father arrived in Wellington by the ship "London" on December 12th 1840. Mr Pringle was educated at the Hutt School and Wellington College taking up teaching as his profession and for many years was assistant master at the Petone Central School. On account of deafness he retired 34 years ago. He was interested in all sport, especially cricket and in later years a keen golfer. Mr Pringle was unmarried and is survived by one brother, Mr W. P. Pringle of Levin and several nieces and nephews.

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